Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Do you just pretend that the 2 years has passed since your last post?  Ooooor, do you try to do a synopsis of said 2 years in the most brief way possible to catch-up everyone that HASN'T been reading your blog... hello!?  It's been 2 freaking years!

I am not going to fill you in.  It's gotta be boring - so let's just say I am 2 years old and so are you.  *ahem*

I have a goal this year to run 500 miles for the rest of the year - from May through December.  I am 20 miles in.  That's not daunting or anything. :)

I have been running mostly on the mill, lately.  It's not horrible, but I really would rather run outside.  I need to make going outside more of a priority... let's face it, unless I make it a priority, it ain't getting done.

Just did the Dirty Girl mud run  - see picture. :)  It was kinda easy.  But totally fun.  Next couple of races will be the Head for the Cure and Carmel Freedom Fest 4.5 mile run.  Because they're both free. :)  Gotta love KSM wellness events.  I'm not sure I'll do a race report on these like I have in the past... unless something spectacular happens.  I don't know if my slow running is as riveting to you as I think it is.  Although, I have noticed that when I run fast (for me!) my hair blows back like Christopher Walken... that's always what a girl loves to look like!

Chad and I are also *hopefully* doing the Warrior Dash again this year.  Last year it was SO much fun - only marred by the kidney infection the following week that I think was totally related!  (Note to self - HAND SANITIZER!)

In order to meet my 500 mile goal, I need to sign up for a 1/2 or something big.  I lose interest without a goal.  I have tried to do the Indpls Monumental for 2 years and my knee started hurting both times!  I think that's a sign to try a different race.

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