Friday, August 27, 2010


Running is going well. I am getting back into the swing of things - 3 weeks in! :) Doing kickboxing is really helping my running. It's amazing how actually following the training schedule makes you better than going at it half-assed. :)

Kickboxing is really kicking my butt too! I don't think that there has been 1 class that I didn't take a break of some sort. Some of those breaks have been just to stop myself from barfing - so those are totally excusable. Shut it - i said that they were excusable, darnit!! :)

The Dude is doing taekwondo - and sticking with it! I'm so happy that he's found something that resonates with him. Team sports were just realllly painful to watch. We're going to the national tournament in September, and we're super excited about it. We just paid to have his patches put on his uniform, so that's the biggest committment we've made to a sport ever.

Stinky wants to do basketball or soccer this fall. I really have to get on that but I don't know how i'm going to fit that in my schedule. We're totally booked most nights, so it'll have to be Mondays I guess.

It's amazing how hard it is to get a whole post in here after you don't post for months.