Sunday, May 16, 2010


Later this week, we'll have this in our driveway! :) I am really excited to be able to have the kids play in the front yard. Maybe I can work on my dunk. LOL

In running news, I'm actually still working on my base for the Monumental Half. I haven't signed the dotted line yet, but we have a team! :) R from my neighborhood, 2 girls from work, and one of their sisters are all joining "Team Make Me a Sandwich". OK, that teamname is still in the works - but I think it's funny! We're debating on a tshirt or something like that for our team. It may be chilly on Nov 6th, but it could be sort of warm too - so we don't know what to do. Maybe get a tech t and get it silk screened - if its too cold, put a long sleeve shirt under. If we put something over it - it sort of misses the whole point of having matching shirts!

One of the girls said that we should put different parts of quotes on our shirts so that as a whole, they say something funny. Problem with that is, 1 girl is doing 9 minute miles and i'm doing 11 minute miles and 2 others are doing 12+ min miles. So, by the time we all pass by, people will be like, what the heck does "with a big" mean?

Oh yeah - my dog farts... bad. I just had to kick him off the couch.

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scarlet said...

Good luck on your training. Have a happy run always!~ mizuno ~