Saturday, March 13, 2010


As if having 2 kids weren't enough, I have been DYING (srsly folks) to get a dog for like a year. But, my husband, being the wiser of the pair, told me we'd need to wait a little while... you know, at least until we unpack all of the underwear.

Well folks - we just took one giant leap towards getting a dog! YEEEEEEEEE!! I just completed an online application to adopt a 11 month old mixed breed. It is SOOO hard to resist those cute 3 month old puppy faces when you go to the adoption events. You just have to keep repeating your mantra in your head "housebroken dog, housebroken dog...."

It feels oddly like I'm growing up all over again... yes i know i have children, but these people made me answer questions about what would happen if we were no longer able to care for the animal. No one did that with the kids... they were all,
"CONGRATULATIONS! Here's your new helpless baby that depends on you for everything!! Isn't he adorable? By the way, there is no owner's manual for this one, buddy!"

And you just know that they were giggling at your vacant expression after they closed the door.

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