Saturday, July 18, 2009


Went for a slow, mildly painful 3 miles this week. I have been doing P90X, so I thought that would be substantial enough to jump right back in... and I was wrong... oh I was so wrong.
One thing to note - I will definitely need new shoes within the next month. Knee did NOT like running in these. When the knee talks, I listen.

BTW, got pics of the dudes done tonight!! They ROCK! We spent way too much money, even though I vowed walking in there that we were NOT BUYING ANYTHING!! We had a free coupon for the Picture People - free 8x10, 2 sheets 5x7, & a sheet of wallets. It had been 2 years since we had professional pics taken and I am *cough* thrifty.

I saw those pictures that they bring out & I LOVED THEM... almost more than the actual kids themselves. These faces LOOK like my kids, but I imagined that these kids listen ALL THE TIME and clean their rooms, and wash behind their ears! Their little voices whispered to me... said that they even weed the flower beds and wash the dog with a smile on their cherubic faces. Well, they would wash the dog... if we had one.


LeahC said...

oh. my. god. those litte guys are so freakin' cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! GREAT pics of the boys! You are cracking me up with the P90X comments. Keep it up!