Friday, September 12, 2008


Since the Brooks Trance 7, I have not had a shin splint or knee problem! woot! So, I now have the Trance 8 now (thanks Chad!!). Hopefully, these shoes will treat me just as well. My 7s were really worn - I've had them since the (woulda, coulda, shoulda) Chicago Marathon last year! You could see that one color of the rubber had worn in places all the way through to the black. Plus, they were brown/gray/grungy from the run the spring that plopped me into a mud bog.

After my run today, it seemed pretty good. I like the fact that the toe box upper is completely mesh, sort of like my ubercushiony (although not supportive enough) ProGrid4s. The arch support is definitely different though. It seems like it is pressing on my left foot differently than the 7s did, although this could be because I was running on a slanted surface for most of the run, which would wear out one foot more than the other. Definitely positive to note, my heel didn't slip or slide in these at all.

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kate said...

ooooh, pretty shoes!