Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Push-ups are HARD. :) I don't think I truly realized the magnitude of doing 100 push-ups when I started this freak show...erm, i meant to say journey. :)

Last night I did 2 whole miles... then did the first day of week 1 again. I am going to keep doing this freaking workout until I can get through the first week without doing girly push-ups. I noticed that today I don't hurt nearly like last week - it felt like I had bruises on my sides!

I am taking Leah's advice (for once) and doing 3 miles for months until it's easy peasy rice & cheesy. Then I'm going to start looking at 1/2 marathons in the spring. I don't want to get too ahead of myself... so i'm just looking at 3 miles tomorrow. Eventually I might actually do the whole 3. Last night, I wanted to do three, but ended up with 2 because treadmills suck & my tummy wasn't really agreeing with me. This douche got on the machine next to me when there are literally 30 open ones that are not next to me. So I had to hold in any functions... which made my tummy hurt.

It seems like people really like running next to me. I must look too nice or something. I need to get a mean face so that people stay away.


LeahC said...

yay! I think you'll feel so much better after doing that for a few weeks even. have fun! get into that rhythm!

Running Ragged said...

Keep it up! :) It took me a while to get going too. I did week three 4 times! I do regular push ups, but there is nothing wrong with doing them on your knees. You are doing it, that's what counts!