Thursday, August 14, 2008


In 2009, I think the fam is going to Disney in FL. I've been looking at pricing and things like that now (i know it's early). I think that a Disney vacation seems so nebulous & confusing that I need to have things planned out way early or it'll become a huge hassle that I would wish that I had never done. I hate hassles.

A co-worker is a complete Disney pro though - they go twice a year. I think we'll go the first week of December (when it's the cheapest and the least # of people). That is a really slow time for me at work. I have no clue when Chad's slow time at work is anymore, but I think that he could probably go at any time.

Any tips would be appreciated! :)

I think we'll probably stay at the Caribbean Resort (name??) in a Pirate room. The kids would really like that. It's really close to MGM Studios & Disney Downtown. Plus my insider said that the bus for that resort only goes to that resort instead of the others that make numerous stops.

I don't know how many days we'll actually go to the parks, or whether to get the park hopper pass. I'd sort of like to go to 1 park/day, but if the kids are monsters at one, then we go back to the hotel for a nap (more for me than them LOL), then what if we want to go to a different one? Dunno... have to think about that one.

I've been thinking - HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO ORGANIZE THE DAY?! Is there some sort of master schedule of shows, parades, events, and general happenings that I get upon check-in to the hotel? Really seems overwhelming. I want to meet the characters, but don't want to stand in line for 4 hours to do so. I want to ride Space Mountain (that IS a ride, right?), but don't want to have to wait in the line 2x because I know Chad'll want to ride it too - and the kids are too small to ride most rides.

I just don't want to miss something and regret it. I never got to go to Disney growing up & want to make the most of it because who knows if we'll be able to go again?!

OK, once again, I know I am freaking out about something that is happening over a year away. LOL

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