Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I really like where I live. The actual apt is not that great-big enough, but not home-but the location ROCKS! I live across the street from the grocery store and Burger King (this is not as much of a temptation as you may think), 1/2 mile from a great park, and 3/4 mile from my gym! So last night, I ran to the gym (actually a little past), grabbed a swim lesson pamphlet, and ran back home. I felt like a rockstar - and eco-friendly. :)

So what, it's only 1.5 miles... I'll take it since I haven't run in weeks. Plus, I had a pamphlet, that counts as an extra .5 miles. LOL

Tonight swimming! This is the first week of my training for the tri in August. No, I haven't paid for it yet. BUT! It is in PEN in my planner. That is commitment.

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