Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Chad is out of town for 9 F-ING days. (aren't you proud of my self-censorship?) That leaves me with a semi potty-trained Stinky-Face & a semi well-behaved Dude. I'm not too worried - we'll just eat PB&J for 2 weeks.

Going to gym tonight - but not to work out. We are going to add the kids to the membership. I keep telling people it's so that I can go workout while Chad travels, but really it is because the kids are fat. Those chix nuggets are going straight to the gut, Dude.

Boss has been gone @ work for a week. Jeans & shorts were great. Tomorrow it's back to khakis. Booty.

Mario Kart is da shiiiiiiiz!! Fo REALZ! I'll post my License # so that we can race. And yes, I have looked up shortcuts & cheats on the webbernet. :)

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Theoutofshapeguy said...

I believe that when I go out of town barb lives on take out and water because she hates doing dishes. Honestly I don't even know if barb knows how to do the dishes!

I LOVE MARIO KART, barb and I have been up till almost 1am since we got it.