Monday, April 07, 2008


I did the whole 7 miles. Although, if I were on the treadmill instead of out on the road, it would've been more like 5. That's the good and bad thing about being out there, you can't just quit. You've got to eventually make your way back home.

Knee update:
It has gone from twingey, to zinger, to UGLY.

The last 2 miles were HARD. I think I'm going to get a knee compression brace-thing to see if that helps. I could run 4-5 min then had to walk... then the last mile was complete pain running or walking. So I decided to run as much of it as I could stand. Every uneven part of the path jarred my knee.

I did the 7 in an hour & a half-ish... sad, but done.

OH YEAH - I didn't tell you... I decided to downgrade my long runs to Hal's novice plan. There was no way I could get back on the wagon at this point, so I'm trying to keep Hal's weekly intermediate plan but long runs on the novice plan.

Really, at this point, I'll take any mishmash of a plan I can get if it means I'll make it through the half in May.

EDIT: Just got an email - 26 more days! WTF, are they trying to kill me?

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