Sunday, March 30, 2008


I went to Highbanks today. For the non-Columbus people (me included), Highbanks is a metro park. It is actually a pretty cool place to run & the trails are great. Good scenery, and a lot of people out, even though it was pretty chilly/sprinkly today.

I was running this trail that started out gravel and in great shape... then somehow I got on this trail that was dirt & grass. No problem, just keep running, it's all loops, so I'll get back somehow. Plus they have signposts that show you where you are if you just keep an eye out. It was a little mucky, but that's no problem, I just ran around the muddy areas. Then I ran into some mulch... that was not mulch. It was a mud pit covered by a thin skin of mulch. COMPLETELY SOAKED MY SHOES. I checked my map (yes i am a dork) and realized that I am as far away from the car as I could be on this trail, so I ran/walked back to the car because my shoes were squishing at me. I could actually hear them!

9 miles didn't happen yet. But I have another pair of shoes (old ones, :( oh well), so I'll probably do 6 on the mill tonight at the gym. Not the same, but at least I got the mileage in.

One more thing to note, my right knee is twingey. Its on the outside right by the kneecap. I definitely have to keep an eye on it.

EDIT: It physically hurts my eyes to look at the brown mess that used to be my beautiful shoes. sigh.

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