Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I did today's workout last night since it was FREAKING 65!! Are you kidding me? How could I do S&S when I could go for a run? Unfortunately, it started sprinkling...and I had the iPhone... so that mean I booked my ass back to the house ASAP. I was not going to ruin that $400 phone!

So, I didn't do the entire scheduled run. But when I did come back, I did do a couple laps around the circle in front of the house with the kids. It was really fun! It also left today open for my haircut. :)

At work today, I completely jacked my knee into the side of my desk... right under the kneecap in that little hollow place. IT HURT LIKE HELL! It still hurts 6 hours later! I'm sure i have a nice bruise starting. Tomorrow's a tempo run! Wheeeeee!

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