Monday, March 24, 2008


I got in a ~5 mi run on Sunday. I know that the schedule calls for 6.2, but that's the best I could do & I'm happy to report it! The weather was really beautiful. It was also on hills - I just wish I had a comparison so I know if I'm training hard enough for the Cinci hills. I think that I will be able to jump right back in this week with the Higdon plan. Yay!

Also - Kyle has on BIG BOY UNDIES!! Spiderman to be exact. He is SO EXCITED about them. I'm relieved. Today is day #2 and Sunday went really well with the Diego undies. LOL. We'll see how he does at daycare. He has to wear his pullups/diaper when he sleeps still. But I can totally handle that. I am SO TIRED of freaking diapers I could puke. I hope he doesn't have any accidents at school - we sent 5 pairs of pants & socks to school, so that should take care of today.

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