Monday, March 31, 2008


This is probably going into TMI territory, but I am so pissed off right now, I need to vent. This post will probably be deleted when I get calm, but it makes me feel better now.

I had a test done that came back abnormal. The office called to say that the doctor would like to have a consultation with me to discuss the results and what we're going to do about them. So, I went in for a consultation and basically was told :

"We're going to need to do this... which is another test. If it comes back this level to this level, then we'll just need to do follow-ups. If it comes back above that level, then you're going to die." (well, not really, ad libbing here)

Then he handed me a brochure & said that I'd need to make an appt. Which is fine, except SURPRISE, SURPRISE! the front desk ladies had gone to lunch. So, I had to call back.

So mad.

So I call them after 1 and say I need to schedule this procedure and they said that a nurse does that. She'd have a nurse give me a call. WTF. Got the nurse's return call and the machine is at 'service' for 2 weeks! So, my appt is the 16th.

Why didn't they just schedule the damn appt when they called me last week to schedule the "consultation"... which is really just him sitting there giving me a brochure. They could have done all of this over the phone and saved me the $20 co-pay and the 1/2 hour it took me to drive, sit & listen. Bastards.

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