Thursday, March 27, 2008


I found a neighborhood that has a perfect 2 mile loop around it. It's awesome! So, I know exactly how fast I'm going every 2 miles. I don't know how that really translates into keeping me on pace, but I think it's cool. Plus, it is EXACTLY 1.5 miles from my house. So, to get a perfect 5 miles in, all I have to do is run there do a loop & run back. Perfect.

It's hard for me to back track & make loops and such in order to get a full run in. It's even worse if I have a loop, then I have to add a little extra to it... like, if I make this loop, and go on this street out & back .5, then I'll have my full run. Plus, if I run by my house or car more than once, I feel it tugging at me, like it is calling me... "Briiiiiidgette... Briiiiiiiiiiiidgeeeeette. You know that you'd feel alot better if you stoooooopped." I much prefer an out & back or one BIG loop.

I really have to get used to running outside - my legs and knees are sore after running 4.5 last night. Since it's rainy & cold today (and I haven't found a track that is unlocked, yet), I'm going to run my 9x400 on the treadmill. as long as it isn't suffocatingly hot at the gym. and my clothes don't have tons of static cling. I hate it when it does that. I'm also doing my strength work out tonight. I figure that speedwork is more important than a slow 3.

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LeahC said...'s 8x400 not 9.

that loop sounds great and i agree, i hate going by the car or house or whatever.