Thursday, March 13, 2008

I <3 WII

Last night, before the 7x400 that I completely rocked, Chad downloaded my all-time fave game on the Wii... Super Mario Bros 3!!! This is the one that you can turn into a flying raccoon. Chad played it for 1/2 hour bfore I had to go... it was hard - running or Wii-ing? I made the responsible decision (and was eventually happy), but it was touch & go there for a minute. I want to check out the New Super Mario Bros - but it is only for DS :(. Mario is GIGANTIC in some of the promo pics, how awesome would it be to play on a real TV?!

Also, RE: the 7x400 last night... I was in the middle of a row of empty treadmills (i know, it was beautiful, but I couldn't get outside during the day), and this lady comes & uses the mill RIGHT NEXT TO ME. The WHOLE ROW was EMPTY! So, I didn't think anything of it, until another girl uses the mill on the OTHER SIDE! WTF?! The latest girl was going 7.2 mph! Tramp.

I am getting faster, I think. I got up to a 8:41 mi during 3 of the intervals. I just need to translate that into running actual miles at that speed.

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