Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My illness suuuuuuucked to the maximum suctitude that ever sucked. I haven't ran since last wednesday. I am hoping to run tomorrow. This weekend's 're-doing last weekend's 8 miles' seems pretty much a pipe dream. I'm going to formulate a new plan - as soon as I figure out what my craptastic back will let me do.

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LeahC said...

glad you are feeling better girly. sounds like you were really really sick.

so...i am thinking you could just switch over to the novice higdon 1/2 marathon plan at this point as you could pick it up easier at this point. Then you can still finish out the training strong. Or just jump back into the program. Don't try and make anything up. In fact this week on the training is a 10K race on sunday, so I would say just go out there and run about 6 miles (not race...let yourself get back into it). Then try the intermediate plan and if it goes ok stick with it, otherwise drop down.

just an idea!

missing chatting with you :-)