Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I made all of my workouts. Thank god. I'd hate to be a big loser and big sick or something the first week I start my half marathon training. Jeez, only horrible jerks do that. :)

I have had a couple of revelations on my rebirth as a distance runner (half marathons count, dammit). I will share them with you now. I know that you're really interested because otherwise, why the hell are you reading this?

1) Lifetime Fitness is ALWAYS BUSY. Don't expect to park closely unless you're handicapped. Yes, even at 10pm. I've never been @ 3am. You go & report back.
2) Since I am coming to the gym to run, I count that extra 3 miles from the 4th parking lot to the door in my workout.
3) Running slow seems to be harder than running fast...inexplicable but true (at this point).
4) My foot numbness only comes when I am running less than 4.6 mph. This is probably because I have to shorten my natural stride to go that slow.
5) Lifting weights is more enjoyable when not rushed. I will be buff and you will envy me.

Completely unrelated to running - it is a completely miserable experience when your face is numb from the dentist & you get an itch in the numb area. WTF is that all about? How does that even happen? You can't itch the itch! It is like having a nose itch & having your hands tied behind your back!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. This is because the Dude had school off - damn this 'real school' montessori crap. After we had our fill of crappy pizza & running amock (does this count as a cross training day?), we went home & promptly passed out.


LeahC said...

oooh bitchy bitchy. i hope the flu of death catches up with you and we'll see how enthusiastic you are to go run anywhere


Anonymous said...

yes, that definitely counts as cross training. So does shopping! I love your #3. I completely agree. Screw running slow when you are going for mileage.