Friday, February 22, 2008


I just put the 2 kids to bed. I let them watch Transformers all the way to the end. Mostly because I wanted to watch it again, but slightly because I knew it would be a fight to the death with The Dude if I made him go to bed before he saw the credits. It's Friday night - what's an extra hour? Hopefully they will sleep in tomorrow.

The little guy has a new puppy stuffed animal that he HAS TO HAVE EVERY NIGHT. If he doesn't have it, I think that there just might be some sort of space time continuum shift and our world will cease to exist as we know it. just a thought.

The things I do for this kid... he could find it anywhere. So I helped him look. We came up with 3 stuffed animals that were dogs, but now THE DOG. So everytime I thought I could trick him he started wailing again that he wants HIS PUPPY.... it was so pitiful. So, the last place to look was in the car. If it wasn't there, I think his face would melt off and I'd actually see this black hole where his soul has escaped his body. Thankfully, the puppy was in his car seat - so that crisis averted... I thought it was time to sing 2 good night songs & off to sleep because Lord knows that he can barely keep his peepers peeping.

Oh no.

"I need socks." wailing ensues.

Of course, he has pajamas with feet on them. There's NO PLACE to put socks. Try to explain that to a sobbing 2 year old that HAS TO HAVE SOCKS! More incomprehensible sentences mixed with wails and the word socks. By this time, The Dude is staring at him and saying, "you don't need socks! You don't need socks!" Can Stinky hear this? no. Because he doesn't HAVE HIS SOCKS! So, I tried to put the socks on his pillow. This actually made it worse, if you can imagine that.

I put them on his hands. Immediately, he was calm. I didn't even get through 2 good night songs and he was asleep. Snoring.

I guess socks will save the world.

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