Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last night while I was at the gym, a random guy started talking to me about triathlons. I was wearing my Eagle Creek Sprint t-shirt and he is training for his first this spring. Actually, his first is going to be a kayak, bike, run tri. Then he'll do a regular spring in June, then an Oly in September (ambitious much?). He was so nice & funny that I think he's inspired me to get back into the pool.

Lifetime's pool is open 24 hrs, so I'll be able to go after my runs in the evening. I don't think I'll have many problems getting a lane @ 10pm... and there'll only be the lifeguard to watch me suck. :) FUN!

Other news, Chad is miserably sick. He might have to miss his Chicago Mid-Winter trip. As much as he says he doesn't like going, I know that he does because it's fun to be out of your element & go to all those dental parties. :) Wish him good feeling thoughts.

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Theoutofshapeguy said...

You and me both! I feel bad for the life guard who has to watch me suck!