Thursday, February 21, 2008


HELL I WAS WRONG! First to admit it... (okay, probably not the FIRST, but sometimes I'll admit it) The 30 minutes was sort of rough. Max speed on the mill was 6.1, so I was going pretty darn fast for a turtle. :)

I hate being rushed when going to the gym. Usually I take my time to change & lace up the shoes & get warmed up & make sure that my sansa is probably stationed. Today was a different story. I completely rushed through getting dressed/undressed. I hoped that I hadn't forgotten something important (like my sansa, doh!). But I was in & out of the rec center in 40 minutes. Probably a record for me. Chad is in Chicago for a dental meeting & we're left to fend for ourselves this weekend. That means that it'll be hard to get in my runs... good thing the gym has daycare. Bad thing is that they don't change diapers. So, if Stinkyface cuts a big one, my long run will definitely turn into a short one.

The Dude is getting another evaluation done tomorrow - something like a play date something or another. If school is cancelled, though, the eval is cancelled. So we're hoping for a ton of snow tonight. We're supposed to get 3 inches tonight, then ice. Hopefully it'll be cancelled... then I can take him to his new school & get my run in during the am. Since I already have scheduled a half day tomorrow, I'll do my 3 miles + strength in the am.

I have noticed something about my legs. BOTH shins are a little sore. I am not one to jump to conclusions...okay, maybe I am... I just know it's cancer! J/K I figure that the right shin will be one of those things that will always be with me now... sort of like the old lady with arthritis that can tell when it'll rain. I'm totally cool with that. It makes me feel sort of experienced - like, "yeah, see this leg - it always hurts for the first mile or so... war injury from my first marathon training plan." I'll definitely keep an eye on the pain though. I know now that if you see a huge goose egg on your shin - stop running. It's bad. But, this pain is totally manageable. I think it's cause I've really kicked up the mileage (going from 0 to training). Nothing a little I & I can't handle.

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