Monday, January 21, 2008


Flying Pig Half is officially on my radar. I am beginning my training schedule - Hal's Intermediate Half program. I was considering joining a program like I did last summer - but that didn't end as well as when I trained on my own... so maybe that's an omen. Hopefully I'll be able to con - erm - convince someone to train (at least virtually - COMEONVICKI!) with me.

I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew on this one. It seems like a lot - but that's probably because I have completely slacked.

I am going to do 3 weeks of 'official' training to get a feel for the speedwork & my schedule. I always leave myself open to taking a day out of the 'real' program because it's taking too much time away from the family. If it's too much - I'll go back to the Novice program. At one point, I thought that Hal had a Novice I & a Novice II program on his website - but I don't see that now. I would've liked to do an 'Experienced Novice' schedule so that I can ease into the speedwork... but eff it - in for a pound, right?

My Heart Rate Monitor that I wooted earlier this month came today! I think I'm going to wear it tomorrow & check my Max HR... Maybe I'll do it later since its almost 11pm & I'm going to sleep soon & didn't read instructions (yes I have to do that).

My new mantra - hillsarefun hillsarefun hillsarefun

Edit: I see that Hal does have a Novice I & II program, they're just for the marathons, not halves. Boo

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