Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I did a hill workout today, on the treadmill....blech. It was so boring that if I didn't have duelling Ellen & Oprah, I might have gouged the eyes out of the lady that kept staring at my stats. Really, do they HAVE to put it out there for everyone to see that I am going 5.4 mph & have gone 1.9 miles & blah blah blah? Why can't there be a button to make it secret? The "Not so fast, nosy!" button. I think I have found my $1,000,000 idea! Screw running - I'll just pay someone else to do it for me - wheee!

Onto Dude-related news - he is going to a Montessori school. Hopefully this will help him transition easier because it is self-propelled learning. The directress (fancy!) told me that at his age schedules seem to be arbitrary - why should he have to sit down & eat snack? he's not hungy... he wants to finish making his block tower... or whatever. I just hope that he doesn't choke somebody and they kick him out. Then we'd really be screwed cause we have NOPLACE to put him. I guess I'd just have to quit my job & become a stay-at-home mom. Then I could train him to bring me bonbons & massage my feet. Ah, the life.

Stinky-face news: he is doing well using the toilet. He's getting the hang of telling us he needs to go, but not so much on actually holding it until we get his diaper off. Or, he'll be dry for 5 hours, then he'll throw a huge tantrum & pee. I wish I could just make him have tantrums while he's on the toilet. Success every time!

Oh yeah - Sunshiney news: I sent in my $ for the Flying Pig 1/2. I dare you all to join me. hehehe... Leah & Jason are going to run and I've bugged everyone I know to sign up too. PLUS - TOMORROW IS HAIRCUT DAY! Woot!


Danielle in Iowa said...

I use a towel as my "secret" button :-)

Bridgette said...

I would totally do that, except the last time I tried the towel fell off & I almost face planted right into the electronic console tripping over it.

So now, I don't put it up there... much safer for me.