Monday, October 01, 2007


As you can see, my posts lately have had nothing to do with running, swimming, or biking. Hrm. That's probably because I haven't done any of that. I haven't really been hitting the gym either. I blame it all on hormones. (cause I'm a woman, and I can)

That is aaaaaaaaaall about to change. As of today, I told Leah about my plans to get faster using the FIRST 5K program I read about online. (Once you tell someone, you can't back out.) I realize that it's tough - but I need that because my runs (not so) lately have been all about endurance and not enough about intensity. Which is fine, if I'm happy with the speed that I'm at, but I'm it's not. Plus, I need to have a SCHEDULE to actually make myself get to the pool or befriend my lonely bike (or do *anything*). OK, so now I have to do a 5k, which I haven't done since....February (i think). This will give me my time on which to base all workouts.

Maxine-organizeMy To Do List:
1. Find 5K in Columbus.
2. Run said 5K and whip its ass.
3. Congratulate myself heartily for all that ass whipping.
4. Find 5K in January/February.
5. Follow FIRST training plan to get uber fast.
6. Kick 2nd 5K's ass even worse than 1st 5K.
7. Congratulate myself even more!
8. Start training for Cincinnati Flying Pig 1/2 in May 2008.
9. Find triathlons in Columbus that are least 2 for 2008.

You get all that? Oh yeah, this is TOTALLY after relaxing in Chi this weekend. Yes, I said it - I'm doing another 1/2 and more tris. Bonus: I'm not completely dreading either.

I have found 2 5Ks in October close to me that look fun:
Dublin - Fright Night 5k
Westerville - Dead Celebrity 5K

Please vote for the one you would run... I am obviously incapable of making decisions. :)


Anonymous said...

the dead celebrity one sounds pretty cool and the tech shirt makes me vote for it. But,
i am all about a usuable race shirt. If you look at the gift certs for the fright night race, you don't see that very often either, so maybe go with that one?!?! Have I confused you?

lifestudent said...

There is a lot of stuff in Runners World and online about improving 5K times ... I am still in "marathon mode" but this stuff looks daunting. Not only am I not really made for running - but I am for sure not made for speed :) I am going to do an 8K Turkey Trot in November but dont plan on being real fast. As a matter of fact, as long as I am not last I am fine with that!