Saturday, September 15, 2007


Or just a great haircut? I took the plunge... or rather, lost a couple lbs? Maybe - hopefully!

I think it definitely looks like this. :)

Ok - maybe more like this!

My first attempt at styling was not horrible. :) I think that it looks poufier in person than in this picture. Is poufier good or bad? Plus, it seems really messy here, but I smoothed it down after this pic. I should have taken a pic right after the stylist did it - but we were running late to our pahtay. :) It definitely withstood my mandatory afternoon nap well.

I went to Target today to get a smaller flat iron (mine was made for longer hair) and some new slippers for the boys. My youngest child peed on the Dude's slippers, so we had to go get new ones. But, that's a totally different post. Plus, I am almost out of blush, and they had this Rimmel eyeshadow on sale. Suffice it to say that a $20 trip to Target turned into $70. But doesn't it always?

Also, the Dude got 7 points (maximum) at school TWO TIMES this week!! We definitely needed that. He is SO PROUD of himself! So, that means that we have to go to Chuck E Cheese two times this weekend... today wasn't bad, so hopefully Sunday's trip will be just as good.

Edit: it looks like I have makeup on in these pictures, so the color must be off too... weird!!


miss petite america said...

totally freakin' cute!!!

Fran said...

Looking good. Bribing the kids with pizza and video games, eh? Definitely the way to go.

LeahC said...

the target trips always always are 50 bucks more than they plan on being :-0

once again, I less than 3 the hair :-) good job girl

kate said...

Aw, I love the hair. Very cute!