Monday, September 24, 2007


OK, this morning I was reminded of my first brush with 'celebrity' and how totally I was embarassed by the whole fiasco (which lasted oh about 2.5 seconds). Notice the ' '. :)

I was at IU (Go HOOSIERS!) at a *ahem* small party. It was in this big duplex right off 17th Street - one my friends in the Circle of Death lived there. (Circle of Death is a long story - all guys - Leah you know 'em) So, anyway, we were having a great time - the music was great - the guys were great (plentiful & cute - just like I like 'em) - we totally ruled the party. Until, they showed up. AJ Guyton & another basketball player...It wasn't LUUUUUUUUUUKE (that traitor), but it was somebody pretty important on the team that I can't remember right now (not the dirty little animal either, snicker). Since I have absolutely NO chance at getting either guy (no boobs & too smart), I figured that this was a good thing for me because now all the other girls had their attention totally focused on the tallest men in the room. The bad thing was now the keg seemed miles away - I was blocked by a sea of fawning dopes and desperate oafs. So, I had to do the party weave, you know the dance where you try to flatten yourself as much as possible to pass through the miniscule openings between people and not piss them off so that you don't have to kick ass just to get a freaking beer.

So, I was dodging & weaving like Ali while sporadically saying "excuseme.........excuseme" (yes I have some manners) I managed to get within 3 feet of the keg when somebody said to me, "No I don't want to dance with you!" I looked up... it was AJ Guyton. I looked UP at him and said, "uhm, okaaaaay" with my "you are the craziest dude" look on my face - you know the one that says 'like I would eeevah dance with you anyway'. Then I abandoned my party weave, and walked to the keg decidedly faster than before. Then he grabbed my wrist & was like, "No, wait!" and I looked back at him like "NO WAY!", yanked my arm, and kept going. I'd like to think that it was a last second realization that he made himself look like a turd - but more than likely it was so that I could get him a beer (like I said, our friend lived there & we got the fastest service).

All this just for some stinking Natty Light... jeez, you can tell I was in college.

P.S. I would've totally danced with him.

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