Tuesday, September 11, 2007


During my workout last night I saw the buffest lady... she wasn't huge like some bodybuilder, but she was so toned & BUUUUUUFFFFFFFFF. Plus she was probably over 40. Made me envious, but also that I could look like that too. :) As long as I put in the work, I could do it.

I did run on the mill just to warm up... warm up 5 min, then ever 2 min after increased the incline 2% until 8%. Then after 2 min at 8%, I decreased the incline by 2% every 2 min. Now my shin is sore - gotta take some advil. Jeez, you would think that my shin would be fine by now, or at least not hurt after 20 min of running. Maybe this is one of those things that will always be with me now - like old people knowing it'll rain?

Anyway, got in some leg press, leg curls, and core work. I tried to do some bicep curls, but I couldn't do 3 without needing some help from my other arm, so I decided to give the arms a rest.

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Anonymous said...

That lady may have been buff, but you are inspiring! You never give up and always have something positive to say. Keep up the hard work and you rock!