Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today I played hooky for the first time in MONTHS - maybe even a year! God it felt so great! :)

I spent the morning with the Dude @ daycare. It was very interesting to see that he did exactly the same thing at daycare that he did at home. Kinda relieved actually... We did this worksheet that was about following instructions - something he RARELY does without constant supervision & redirection. Then we practiced cutting on the line. He just wanted to cut the paper into itty bitty specks. But eventually he did what was requested - after showing us how his shoes had Spiderman on them & flashed when he jumped, restarting the coloring sheet 2x, and running away to dance to his 'favorite song' (he has 80 favorite songs).

I have big news though - the school lady came to observe him today for the special preschool. She'll be back there tomorrow to observe more. She gave me a bit of advice. I am getting on the Children's Behavioral Center list to get in to get evaluated. I am waiting on the pediatrician to get us a referral...evidently I can't just sign us up myself.

School lady told me that the preschool has a wider umbrella that they can take the kids with 'special needs' than when they actually get into school. So, right now they can admit him if they believe that the preschool can help him get ready for school without an actual diagnosis of ADHD/ODD/PDD/Autism/etc but when he actually gets into school, they are bound to a much more rigid set of rules. We have 2 years before school begins, so I really hope that we can get him ready for school right now rather than go through this when it actually 'counts'.

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