Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have a new goal to do 1 completely unassisted, from a dead hang pull-up. Decidedly, trying to do a pull-up from scratch is more than hanging from a bar, vainly flexing your muscles to move even a micron, while making the stupidest eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise and scrunching up your face like an idiot. So, I did a google search on the subject & found some great tips on how to improve your pull-up.

So I excitedly run to the rec center to start doing lat pull downs and negative pull ups and bicep curls... and they are closed. WTF!? They are doing maintenance on the pool, resurfacing the track, and cleaning the basketball courts.

Now this may have derailed me if I wasn't so gung-ho about the whole idea of me actually doing a pull-up all by myself. So, I went home & went to the park right by my house (this gigantic major park) and did some seated pull ups and push ups and even got some of my 'how to run faster' tips in on the way to/from my house!

Who's da (wo)man?!

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