Friday, August 31, 2007



Yesterday, my favorite deal-of-the-day site,, had a woot-off. I wanted a Bag of Crap SO BAD! But, I had to leave work at 5 to pick up the money vampires from daycare. What do you know... the BOC was posted at about 6!!! DAMN!

If you don't know why in the world I would want a BOC, you should check out the Bag of Crap link. Sometimes you can get really cool stuff. Yesterday's BOC was $1 + $5 S&H... looking at past BOC, sometimes people got Robosapiens, Roombas, Off-brand HDTVs, Scoobas... of course some people got crap... but that's what you get when you're taking a chance on the BOC.

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Running Jayhawk said...

We've timed a few BOC's well...sadly we've never scored any big ticket items. Although I do have a woot flying's pretty funny.