Thursday, August 16, 2007


This has been a long time a'coming... I know that you probably won't be shocked. I have let go of the 2007 Chicago Marathon. I know that it would've been majorly awesome - but I feel like I am starting completely over in my training. I tried the walk/run strategy, but that left me even worse off than just the straight running (if that's even possible). As you can see, the clock is winding down to the race and I feel like I can't finish it. My shin still hurts. My pace is SO SLOW. Plus I have barely run since I've been cleared to do so by the dr. As sad as I am to watch it go by, I'll just have to wave.

As with any break-up there is a good side...unfortunately this break up will not leave me 10lbs lighter... I am still going to Chi for that weekend! So, instead of the incessant worry of how I'll do, I can party like a rockstar! :) Plus, I don't know if long distance running is for me. I didn't have any type of problem when I was training for the 1/2 or the tri, so maybe I should stick with those?

Now, I am going to really do some conditioning (something I never did, it seemed like the actual running sucked up all of my time). Lifting weights, working on speed (all relative ppl!), and working on my swim form - that's what I'm focusing on now. I went to to look at some training schedules on there. I am also looking at doing the Mini again in May or maybe the Flying Pig Half?

I feel like a quitter. But, I also feel like a huge boulder has been taken from my shoulders.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I am coming to grips with the idea that I won't be running the Twin Cities Marathon this year after a weird foot thing took three weeks to get better - it's always so hard to make that decision! But I do feel a bit lighter (in the metaphorical sense) as well!

LeahC said...

that's such a hard decision to make :-( Sorry girly that it didn't work out this year. I wouldn't give up totally on the idea of completing a marathon. Just having more under your belt maybe before starting AND not having such a wacky training plan might help. Maybe do more 1/2 marathons before trying again.

glad you will still be here though!

Fran said...

Sorry to hear. It happens though. All you can do is learn from experiences and be prepared for next time.