Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The DO visit was pretty cool. The guy was really funny & personable (Chad has known him since he was knee high). He adjusted my foot, legs, back & shoulders/neck. It was a little unnerving to hear all these cracks, but it was almost like I was looser & could even breathe easier. Too bad I couldn't go for a run right then!

He also told me I should take manganese aspartate (sp?) to help the SF heal faster. So far, no luck finding it. But we've only checked 1 place. I'll call around today to see if I could find it. Also, he said that my soda habit (OK, its a LITTLE out of control, but not totally!), is contributing to my stress fracture because the phosphates(sp?) in the soda inhibit the absorption of calcium in the bones.

I could totally quit soda. It tastes so deliciously tingly & yummy, though that I don't really WANT to. Does that mean that I'm addicted? Possibly. At least it's not meth! Plus, Chad told me that he would quit soda too, and he totally had one last night. Traitor!

On a totally unrelated thought, have you ever woke up in the middle of the night & felt like you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO move your arms? I know that there's a disorder for legs...but arms? I have had this feeling since I can remember. But mostly, if I move to the couch I can get back to sleep. Sometimes I have to move my head to the foot of the bed so I can get back to sleep. Am I a complete freak?

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Danielle in Iowa said...

I keep meaning to give up pop. And sometimes I go a whole week without out! But that usually is because I have no change for the pop machine (and I refuse to buy it in cases because I am trying to give it up). Ah, Diet Dr. Pepper how you make me love you!