Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last night, I did 2.8 miles. It was really great - perfect weather, light traffic on the road, and CHAD CAME WITH ME! Mr. Biker was pounding pavement with me!! I was completely stoked. I had forgotten how great it is to have a partner to run with & who could be a better partner?!

I did the miles in 34:00, pace just above 12min/mile. He came in slightly after me. It won't be long (if he continues to do it) that he's going to be smoking me. :)

Nah, can't let that happen. When he gets faster, so will I. Although, I do sort of feel as if I am a disadvantage, considering he is a foot taller than me. (not that I'm using it as an excuse)

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LeahC said...

YAYAYA to husbands as running partners!