Tuesday, June 26, 2007


OK fellow runners, I have been speaking with my BFF Leah regarding my recurring shin issues. Great news - no stress fractures! Bad news - I am seriously behind on my training, and have to ease into the mileage again. (read: 2-3 miles tonight and tomorrow) Another side effect is that Leah thinks that the MIT program is sort of ridiculous... we run 6 days/week. This is supposed to be a beginner marathon program, people!

So, we were hashing out a potential plan for the rest of training. There is no way that I am missing out on my first marathon. NO WAY. We were considering combining the MIT schedule with Hal Higdon's novice marathon program. Here's Leah & my plan: do Hal's weekly schedule, then do the MIT long runs on saturday. What do you think?

With Hal's schedule, I get 2 days off plus a cross training day instead of straight running. Last summer I never had 1 injury or even slight twingeful painfulesque sort of injuries. I think this is because I didn't keep pounding on the same joint/muscles everyday. I still trained 6 days/week, but it wasn't this relentless banging on the shins. But, I really like the idea of maxing out at 22 miles instead of 20. (even though it might not be feasible since I have had a couple weeks off due to the shins)

So, here's Hal's schedule for the this week & the next 2:

Week 4Week 5Week 6

And here's MIT's schedule:

Week 4Week 5Week 6

Any ideas, comments or general guru-ism is very welcome. :)


kate said...

I don't have any advice or words of wisdom as I am new to this whole marathon training myself. But I wanted to ask how your experience with MIT is going? I always see you guys running on the bike path on Saturday mornings but I've always been way to intimidated to join.

Anyway, I hope a more expeienced runner can give you some advice and good luck out there. It's going to be another scorcher this week!

miss petite america said...

hal's plan looks much more reasonable. you can always ease into this week, see how it goes and if you feel up for it, add a little more intensity. i feel like it's good to start conservatively as a base.

also, what i've read, and don't forget, i'm a newbie, is that the foundation of your training comes from the weekly long runs and speed workouts. adding 1 -2 other days to keep loose and fit should be perfect. running 6 days not only would get boring but WILL put too much pressure on your legs. that is why god invented rest AND crosstraining.

i've also read that it's on the rest days that your body gains the most: it's healing, repairing muscle etc. so while resting may seem like you're doing nothing, you're in fact doing the best thing you can for your body .

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a fabulous plan to me! You will enjoy your rest days and running won't be a chore. Leah is such a great friend! :)

Theoutofshapeguy said...

You are gonna kick some butt lady!