Thursday, June 21, 2007


My shin/ankle pain in my right leg is back again - surprise! I thought I was doing all I could to prevent this. I was icing, ibuprofening, running more on dirt, & staying away from hills. Unfortunately, this is not enough. It's back. Since it appears like its not going away anytime soon - at least not without cutting off the offending appendage and replacing it with one of those cool bouncing legs (hey that might make me faster!) - I decided to go to see the doc. He is concerned that I might have a stress fracture. So, right now I am taking an anti-inflammatory and going to get an x-ray on my shin. He also said - NO RUNNING. I can still run (or swim) in the pool and ride my bike, so its not like I'm completely SOL. But this is so frustrating!

Chicago isn't completely out of the picture yet, but it is slowly slipping from my grasp. Who knew that I would be saying that more than 3 months away from the marathon?

ps 10 bonus points to those who know what the title is.


Dave said...

Same Shit Diferent Day?

Bridgette said...

You are so smart! 5 bonus points - What movie/book? (that's a hint)