Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok, the song's real name is Sunday Morning, but this happened on Monday, so work with me people!

I actually woke my lazy butt up at 4:20am! Can you freaking believe that, people! I got to the Antrim Lake path at 5 am to do the 4 loops with my running gal pal from MIT. However, in my sleep-deprived state, I forgot my hat (with the attached LED running light thing). She did not have a flashlight, so we didn't get the 4 miles in.

This will ruin my freaking day! I got up before dawn for nothing!!!

Ah - no, (sigh of relief).... your fearless heroine did a leg workout instead. At least until the sun came up enough to run. I got 1 lap in - for 1.1 miles yesterday morning. OK, its not 4, but at least I did something. I could have just went right back home & jumped into bed! Today, I am doing 4 miles. Probably on the mill. Not the best sitch, but at least it'll get done.

Tomorrow @ 6 is the mid-week group run in Worthington. I'll definitely be attending that so I can stop berating myself for yet another failed attempt at getting up in the morning to do my runs. SOMEDAY I will get a good run in before going to work - I have to otherwise I'll never see my family or friends this summer!

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