Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My son is sooooo mad. You ask why - I don't really know! Probably because we moved from our house to this teeeeny tiiiiiny apartment. Now he has to share his room and almost everything else with his brother.

Yesterday, he ran away from me while I was picking him & his brother up from daycare. OK - no big deal, right - he'll stop at the door. Except, he didn't stop. He went right out the security door, then out the front door, and was out in front of the school - RIGHT BY THE STREET. A BUSY STREET. I almost lost my mind. Then the daycare director had to help me wrangle him into his carseat because whenever I would let go of him to put the baby in his seat, he would RUN AWAY. All the way home, he cried & screamed that he didn't like me. That I hurt him and I was not his friend. He was "so not taking me to dinner".

This morning, I dropped him off at school. While dropping him off, we always go over our rules. Since he's been having a hard time with the adjustment to the new daycare, we've had to add a couple. Today, however, he did not want to go over the rules. He wanted to run off & play. So, when I had to chase after him, he didn't want to look at me. So, then that prompted a fit when I was holding his hand because he wanted to go off and play instead of looking at me & going over what his rules are. So this just keeps escalating into this full blown tantrum because he is rather hard-headed and independent...and I don't want to let him think that he can choose to play rather than do what I ask him to do. Finally, I get him into his chair for a time-out (when really I wanted to spank his ass for throwing his glasses on the floor and then throwing a chair - don't ask).

Please someone tell me that it gets easier!! (even if its a lie)

Side note: Happy Bloggiversary to me!! I'm not going to reminisce about how great I have become & all that jazz, so you can breathe that sigh of relief. :)

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miss petite america said...

my nephew is starting a very difficult phase. of where every other word is "mine". and he throws tantrums when he isn't watching THE WIGGLES. i'm sure it does get easier. because at the end of the day and he's finally in bed, your heart just can't help but melt.

and happy blogiversary!!!