Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Now that I have MIRACULOUSLY completed my 1/2 and I had already (crazily) signed up for Chicago before it closed I am already starting my marathon training program. I signed up for a Columbus marathon training group called Marathoner in Training. We have weekly speed work on Wednesdays and long runs on Saturdays. Besides having about a gazillion coaches, there are also 2 sports doctors affiliated with the program, so when my leg falls off, at least someone will be there to put it back on. Also, the longest run we do is 22 miles - which is good because I was insanely worried about that 6 mile gap from Hal's Novice Marathon program. It'll definitely keep me motivated to continue training to do it with a group. Plus, at the end of the orientation, the owner from Fleet Feet gave us a schwag bag - you know how much I LOOOOVE free stuff!!! I am hooked. If you are in the Columbus area & want to join a training group - check this out!!


LeahC said...

yeah for training groups! i think it sounds great and congrats on the free shit!

teacherwoman said...

Training groups sounds like the way to go!