Thursday, May 24, 2007


3.2 miles; under 40min. Not a stellar time, but I was trying to go slowly due to the almost ankle soreness thing from Wednesday. Noteworthy: A bug flew into my eye (twice); I had to retie my left shoe twice (sometimes it goes numb); a helicopter almost landed on my head (ok, no that close); I got checked out by a high schooler.

OK - pretty boring run... any tips on the numb foot issue? To alleviate it (after the fact) I have to tie my shoe really loose, which causes my heel to slip. It hasn't caused a blister yet, but I don't want to get one.

Oh yeah, one more thing... after the run my allergies just went apeshit! It was like, OK, I have 30 yards to the car...sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze... you get the idea. It was so bad that it was DISGUSTING (you don't want more details, promise)! Any ideas on that one either?


Jason said...

numb foot issues...

I used to get that all the time. I don't really think it's a shoe issue, per se, but rather a blood-oxygen issue. I've found that my foot tends to be more numb towards the beginning of a training cycle and/or if my breathing is really labored. It seems to be that this is becauses I'm not getting enough oxygen in my blood and hence not enough oxygen makes it to my feet.

At the beginning of a training cycle, I think my body just isn't conditioned to pump oxygenated blood. Maybe both of us just have naturally lower V02 max since this doesn't happen Leah, for example.

Loosening the shoe probably just allows more blood into the foot and hence more oxygen, but I'm not sure if that's going to cause more problems that it solves. I usually just run on the numb foot, but that's just me. Not sure if that's a bad thing. It should stop happening once your conditioning gets up more.

So my solutions more! Boy am I helpful.

Anonymous said...

The main blood supply to your feet lies just below your laces, so if they are tied too tight, numbness strikes. Maybe try tieing them looser in the toe box and tighter near the ankle? Hope it works!!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Getting checked out by a high schooler! Someone's still got it!