Monday, April 02, 2007


TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY TO BE OUTSIDE! The wind was perfect. It was sunny. It was warm.

I ran like Hal tells me to. It was supposed to be 4.5 miles. I went 4.4. I would've done the extra .1 mile, but I didn't know I was short. I am still learning the area & run mostly by feel & time. Time - you say? 53:54. 12:15 miles.... right where I always run. :) However, interestingly enough, I felt great so I went faster on the first mile. Right when I hit the park below to make my water detour, I looked down & I SWEAR it said 9:45. HOLY SHIT IN A SHINGLE! I did a sub 10 mile & didn't know it! Mark this day in history, as it may never come again! :) Of course, I paid for it dearly on the way back. You see, there is a downhill slope going to the park from my work. Next time, I'll have to work it so I'm going downhill on the way back.

I tried to make it pretty today, but I forgot my BodyGlide & am wearing some pretty short shorts, so, I'm sure all the tugging, red-facedness, and profuse back sweat was so HAWT!


Lana said...

Way to go, girl!! I believe you are going to start seeing those sub 10's much more often! Keep at it!

miss petite america said...

way to go! i can only run 9:45 if someone was chasing me...or maybe if i had to go to the bathroom really badly....

miss petite america said...

i use the amphipod hydration belt:

i like it over the fuel belt brand for a number of reasons:

1. the size is adjustable. (fuel belt only comes in s, m or l)

2. you can position the bottles anywhere you want on the belt (vs the fuel belt's fixed positions)

3. you can attach as many or as few bottles as you want. (sometimes i only need one, sometimes i need 4)

4. there are other accessories you can attach (pouches for keys, gels, mp3 players)

5. there are different size bottles you can choose from and the mouths of the bottles are very wide so you can put ice if you want (if you forget to freeze the bottles the night before)

6. i find the bottles are easier to get to on this model than the fuel belt.

all that being said, try them all out at the running store and see what YOU like.

Audrey said...

very cool about the sub-10 mile. and you weren't even trying!

and runners can be gross-but we all clean up well!