Saturday, April 28, 2007


In order to feel safe to do my 10 mile run today, I drove ALL the way to the Westerville Rec Center. Usually I wouldn't do this, but I just felt that I didn't need any excuses to bail on this run. Plus, it is soooo much nicer to run when there are other people around that are running or biking. You may not know them, but you don't feel freakish like when you run by some people on their porch drinking forties on the couch. (its not that bad here...yet)

So, since there are dedicated bike lanes and paths in Westerville I mapped out a route that would be about 11 miles. Unfortunately, I missed a turn someplace on my route. I didn't think that could happen, but hell in a handbasket, it did. I thought it would be pretty obvious where I was supposed to turn to get onto the other bike route....evidently not. I blew right by it. But the thing is, I didn't even know that I missed it until VERY late...too late really. I turned right onto the wrong bike path (but I didn't know that yet)... kept running, marvelling that this place was so nice to run in, nice shade, nice path.... then suddenly the bike path disappeared & I was running on the sidewalk. I thought it was weird, but kept going... it might start back up again later, I theorized. But it never did! I kept on going because it was too late to try to find my mistake, I was about 4-5 miles into the run! So, I picked a random street at which to turn around. I met some very nice people doing yardwork that took my gu trash. I guess that's a plus!

So, today was 10.65 (ish) at 2:15:15. It would've been shorter if I hadn't had to stop at 2-3 lights and wait for them to turn. Ice baths are getting a little easier. Chad actually helped me by sitting there & talking to me while I shivered today! It made time fly by before you know it, I was outta there!

Oh yeah, do you have an amphipod fuel belt? If so, have you frozen the bottles? Have you put the bottles in the dish washer? What was the outcome of each of these things? I love this thing & don't want to ruin it!


LeahC said...

nice run dude! We had that happen to us once when running on a path in Florida. We were like, I don't think we are where we should be anymore :-) Glad you found a nice place to run at, and it sounds perfect for your runs.

i have jason sit with me while i'm in the ice bath as well. It does help.

Joe said...

Wow, you're doing 10 mile runs now? You've really come a long way.

Bridgette said...

Joe sounds like those Virginia Slims ads... You've come a long way, baby.


Running Jayhawk said...

Dishwasher safe, all the way.

And freezer safe, too. Just don't fill it all the way and stick it in the freezer. They need to have some give to snap into place. I usually fill mine half way up before sticking them in the freezer.

I heart my amphipod.