Saturday, April 21, 2007


The 'game' was fun! The actual soccer coach was teaching all of the kids at once, for 1/2 hour. What got me was that there was probably 60 kids out there to get instruction on ball handling & kicking goals... there were at least that many parents out there too! I was like, Jeez people, get out of the kids' way! I know that everyone is excited about their Little Johnny becoming the next Pele, but really, does it take Grandma & Uncle Pete to teach him how to kick the ball down the field?

When the 'instruction' ended, that's when the real fun began. Kids running around like maniacs - my kind of morning!

Tony even made a goal (not that we're counting). I don't really know if I want to count it because he picked the ball up from the other kids (yes, with his hands) turned around & kicked it right into the goal. It was quite spectacular.

The 'game' started out very even - 4 on 4 (teams of 8). Then 1 team would have 5 out there & the other team would have 3. Then it would go 3 on 3 with one kid on the ground. It's like the kids were taking themselves out & doing their own subs. :)

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LeahC said...

hahaha!!! awesome!

love the pics, he's such an awesome kid!