Thursday, April 05, 2007


You always have so much stuff
From golf to swimming to powder puff
I can always count on you to have high prices
Even though your things are not the nicest

I want to try on different shoes
Maybe buy a couple Gu's
Try to find something to help me on a run
Oh that's a big negative, son

Ask someone that works there a simple question
Look at me like that's too stupid to mention
Maybe have someone that knows about the products
Oh wait, I forgot that Dick's SUCKS

Everytime I walk through the door
It makes me hate you even more!


miss petite america said...

chica, get thee to a true runner's store. with their 0% body fat employees who are uber knowledgeable and very helpful. even if you DO want to poke them in the eyes for being 0% bodyfat.

miss petite america said...

hi, i'm stalking you... try this link for running stores in the state of indiana:

if this doesn't work, i'm sure a google search will help you find what you need.

Bridgette said...

MPA - thx! I went to Dicks (even though I knew they sucked) because I had the kids & it was close. I was going to try on the adrenalines to make sure they fit well before getting them online for cheaper.

Jeez, I really hate them!!