Saturday, April 07, 2007


Awwww yeah! I just went to Fleet Feet to get me some new shoes. They are ULTRA cushiony. I completely changed my shoes...went from Brooks Radius 6 to Saucony Triumph 4. I got the green ones. They say geniuses like the color green...

I was scheduled to do 8 miles today - I'll do it tomorrow am. I was having a 'bad day' today. I am acutely feeling the move from Indy to Columbus. I wanted to hang out with friends, but I don't have any here. Next weekend I'm going to Indy for my 15K training run for the Mini (quickly approaching - gasp). I'll have to make it a point to hang out with a couple of friends. My sister has her monthly national guard thing going on, so I can't hang with her. But I can see Grandma - she'll have my nephew & I miss him & I'm sure Tony really misses him.

I am probably going to have to take a fitness class (probably swimming) or chum up to a soccer mom when the season starts to make friends. The women at work are nice and all, they're just all older than me (10 years +) and they are the type of people that are like "why do I want to hang out with people from work after work". No problem... I just have be a little more open to meeting new people. Who knew it was this hard?


TRI Vortex said...

Good luck with meeting new people in new places. Thats always hard. Just keep training, at least when you meet someone there, you'll already have a common interest. I noticed that there was no mention about that run you were talking about.

And about that "Hulking Beast", thats why I waiting till I got a new bike to post. And there is a hulking beast, I'm just not in the picture.

LeahC said...

nice job on the shoes. glad you liked fleet feet.

you'll meet people. it took jason and i almost two years to make friends in Chicago....although I am totally saying that causae I work with physics nerds and so I already lose the "i have cool work friends" option :-)