Sunday, April 22, 2007


I couldn't decide what to name this post, so I'll just have subsections.

Today I set out for 9 miles at 10am. It was warmer, the route had less shade, and the roads were busier than I had anticipated. I think that my aborted attempt yesterday had more of an effect that I knew. Yesterday, I almost twisted my ankle 2x & almost fell down on a broken bottle. So, when I was running today, my left calf was tight & sore the ENTIRE time. Usually it will loosen up. Thank god for the amphipod fuel belt! I drank ALL 3 bottles. I usually drink very little when running because I get a sloshy belly & almost keel over. I did it in about 2:04. And I was soo happy when it was done. Chad got me a new running shirt... It is so soft & comfy (I wore it today). THANKS HONEY!!

An ice bath was definitely in order after the run from hades. So, I filled up the tub & dumped in whatever ice I had. Chad swears that I didn't do it right becuase there wasn't enough water. But my hooo-ha doesn't care whether my boobs are under ice water because it was darn cold sitting in it!

What do you feed a girl that can't eat anthing for 1.5 - 2 hrs before a run? I figure that my run was harder at the end because I was hungry - but I can't eat and run! The only thing that I have found not to upset my belly is a part of a banana that I ate right before a run last summer. OK - so maybe I'll try to eat bananas? Where exactly do you propose that I store them while running?

Dead animals - nuff said.

Kyle is not feeling too good today. He had a little fever & a supremely runny nose all day. He had 2 naps today. Which was nice, in a way, but you have to feel bad for the kid! Hopefully he'll feel better in the am, so that he can go to daycare. I DO NOT want to stay home again!


Bridgette said...

I just read what I wrote - it really sounds like I am in 2nd grade. All choppy. Jeez, I need some rest! :) Maybe I'm still oxygen deprived?

LeahC said...

nice job on the run girl. you'll have to experiment with food options. i know that some people eat oatmeal before they go. I have done that a few times before a run and it's helped a lot and doesn't make me gurgly or anything. Stay away from any dairy products before you go. Try having gatorade before you go. You can also put gatorade into your fuel belt. Your body might also adjust to eating before a run. As you add long runs I think you'll have troubles if you don't eat. I don't like most powerbar things, but i like these ones that are called Nut Naturals or something. Those probably wouldn't make your stomach hurt. You could also take Gus with you since you have the water on your fuel belt. You have to replenish the calories that you are burning otherwise you will fade. Gatorade and Gus help during my long runs.

oh and ice baths only need to cover you legs as far as i'm concerned.

alright, those were two incoherant paragraphs...i'm sleepy.