Thursday, April 19, 2007


Why is it that when someone wants to eat better they all of a sudden have to start shopping at the organic food store? Why can't I find good-for-you recipes where I can just go to Kroger to get the ingredients? I am lucky to even know where a Kroger is, let alone a Whole Foods or something like that!!

Any tips out there to find good recipes (good for you too) where I don't have to shop at a specialty store or try to find some obscure vegetables that my kids probably won't even like?


LeahC said...


you can sign up to get their recipe of the day in your e-mail. not all super healthy, but usually really good

dawnsch said... isnt bad - they do send an email daily and also they have a link in the email to nutrition info. I get them daily, and when they are healthy looking I save them in a separate email file and go back to them when I am looking to make something new. Also, there are a few cookbooks out there (ie Weightwatchers) that have healthy recipes along with nutritional info. Finally there is - they have a magazine and also a pretty good website.

I do have a question for you, how are you aware of the mileage you are running if you dont have the Garmin? On 4/17 you noted that you ran 4.92 miles - just wondering how you are tracking it ;)

Molly said... works for me...I check out the calorie savers section to get substitutions and I like Health Appetite with Ellie Krieger and I also like Robin Miller's recipees.