Thursday, April 05, 2007


What is going on with the weather? It was 82 degrees 2 days ago! I didn't realize that it was going to be snowing like crazy today - with no end until Monday!

Today's workout was supposed to go down yesterday. I brought everything to work - 2 sets of clothes, depending on whether it was going to be an indoor or outdoor run...including ear covers & gloves! I brought everything, except socks. So, that sucks.

I was supposed to do 4.5 miles, again. And again, I cut it short. Not enough to make me lament, just enough to get under my skin. I have a membership at the Westerville Community Center, which only allows people to use the cardio equipment for 30 minutes. I got on the mill, & did 23:30 min. Then I had to get off to get some water. Then I got back on. I figured since there were extra mills, it would be no problem to keep running past the 30 minutes. BUT, when I was done with the 30 minutes that would take me to almost 4.5 miles, there were no other mills AND there were people waiting to get on one. I was SO CLOSE, but the gym police were eyeballing me. They knew I had been on there almost an hour, & if I reset the machine, they were going to pounce.

I am trying to push my limits when on the treadmill, trying to go faster than usual. Hopefully that will pay dividends later.

**Edit: I forgot to add that I did 4.32mi in 53:30. This means that I did a 12:23 pace - that sucks. I guess I need to push harder.

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TRI Vortex said...

That time does not "suck!" I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Tell the gym police that there are more serious violation they should be worried about. Like indecent exposure, people not wiping off the equipment after they sweat on it, and my favorit Spandex (its a privilege...not a right).