Saturday, April 14, 2007


The crowd wasn't as large as the 10K, but it definitely was big! 1700 participants finished. I was one of them, I am proud to say. Although, weirdly enough, my name is not on the official results page...maybe my bib# was covered up or something.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad loading up into the car...I wore race tights, long sleeve under armour cold gear shirt & a zip up hoodie. There was a slight drizzle, but it was definitely manageable. Then I got to the museum to park & it must have dropped a couple of degrees...maybe it was that the rain picked up. So, I took out my other jacket... it was rainproof so I wouldn't get soaked & die of pneumonia.

While lined up in the turkey shoot, I had numerous thoughts that ran something like this:
Are you crazy?
You don't have to do this.
It is too cold!

On and on it went. But as soon as we started moving, I warmed up quickly. Also, like the 10K I would get a little too warm & start thinking of taking the jacket off, then we would turn a corner & the wind would chill me right up!

I figured I would try my new gel at mile 4-ish... 1/2 way seemed as good as any. Plus, there was a water stop there. So, when I saw the mile marker, I tore it up. Then I actually got to the 'water stop'. There was NOBODY THERE. There were just some tables with the gatorade water coolers, some gallon containers of gatorade & tables. This really pissed me off. Where the hell were the people? Did they get mugged for their cups & run off? They shouldn't have because there were 2 cops less than 30 feet away. So, I had to wait until 5.5 ish miles for the water stop. By this point, the water did little good to wash the gooey-ness away. No nauseousness at mile 4 today, I guess training actually DOES work.

The rest is uneventful...the new shoes really did their job. No rubbing, no numbness, no pinching. Plus, I got a compliment on them! Also, the Kiwi-Strawberry Carb-BOOM was delicious (for a gel, obviously). Gun time: 1:58:xx. So, I'd say that my actual time was 1:56-ish.


LeahC said...


I was worried because I checked the official results online and didn't see your name. But knowing you I knew it was their problem and not yours :-)

You had your timing chip on yes?

way to get through 9.3!

miss petite america said...

an abandoned water stop??? bizarro.

but good job on the race! in frigid conditions no less!

LeahC said...


A race well run, especially having to down a gel without water, a thought that thoughly disgusts me.