Tuesday, March 27, 2007


...is my favorite new DVD! Poor, poor Roddy, flushed down his own potty... SOOO funny!

Last night...ah, last night. 50 minutes. Great weather. Great music. Great run. I stopped about 20 min to walk/drink some H2O. I ran the neighborhood again, but this time without a plan. I just went with it. I figured that if I hit a major street, I would just turn around. Worked out great, surprisingly. It usually tires me faster to not know where the mile markers are - which is why I do better in races than when on my own on the street.

Chad, being the great husband he is, stocked my iPod last summer with a bunch of songs that he thought I would like to run to. While I love the songs he put on there, some of them are a little too slow to run to. So, this weekend, I'm going to re-evaluate my playlist & add some great tunes... I was thinking of that new Gwen Stefani song, the Elvis remix of a Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action, Will Smith, Lenny Kravitz, Grandma Funk I See You Baby (shakin that ass), Garth Brooks, Aerosmith Love in an Elevator (gotta love that song!)...and the list goes on & on. I'll keep my good buddies Eminem, Jay Z, Ludacris, and Beyonce on there, but I think Tom Petty has gotta go. :)

Any good song ideas out there??


TRI Vortex said...

Nice run. As far as the songs go how about: Missy Elliot (any song), The Rocky song (Eye of the Tiger), and my wife likes Justin Timberlake (Sexy Back) and Rhiana (S.O.S.). Hope you enjoy.

PS. Who's Tom Petty? hehehe

Dave said...

Good selection of tunes. I've got Gwen, and the Elvis Remix on my MP3 player. How about some Black Eyed Peas or Fergie? Jimmy Buffett is always good to run to. Then there are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, OK Go!, Run DMC (old School)... the list goes on...

As for speed, it will come. Add a few hills to your runs, try some runs on the track if you can, but the important thing is that you have fun, regardless of speed (I have to remind myself of this every now and then).

LeahC said...

sounds like a great run! nice job.

as for my favorite music selections....any stupid pop song works well for me. i'll second eye of the tiger as well. ooh also any good bad 80s music.....bon jovi etc.

miss petite america said...

3 songs with the idea of running that always get me pumped:

1. we run this (missy elliot)
2. i run for life (melissa ethridge)
3. if you're going through hell (keep running) (some country dude i just totally forgot about)

oh and my power song? paradise city (gnr)